Post-Season Parent Evaluation

 1. The playing facilities (gym, rink, field, theater, etc.) provided at CHS are comparable in quality to any in our competitive schedule.

 2. The uniforms and warm-ups were comparable to those of our opponents.

 3. List two things the head coach/adviser did to make the experience a positive one for my child.
 4. List two things the head coach/adviser could do to be more effective.
 5. My child felt a strong sense of respect for the assistant coach(es).

 6. According to my child, information communicated from the coaching staff to the TEAM was clear and understandable.

 7. Information communicated from the coaching staff to the PARENTS was clear and understandable.

 8. The coach(es) display sincere interest in the academic, emotional, and athletic development of athletes in and our of the sports season.

 9. The coach(es) provide meaningful feedback to individual student-athletes to help them improve.

 10. The level of competition scheduled was a challenge to the team's skill level.

 11. As a parent, I feel this season has been an overall positive experience for my child.

 12. Please feel free to make any additional comments.
 13. The coach(es) model positive sportsmanship during practice and competitions.