Frequently Asked Questions

When are registration forms due?
All Registration forms and fees are due ONE WEEK BEFORE the first official date of practice. You student will not be able to practice until this is done. Students do not need to be registered for Captains' Practice.

Does my child need a new physical every year?
Physicals are good for three years.

When is the Activities office open? Fall practice starts in August!
The Activities office is open during the whole month of August and will take registrations during that time.

How do I know if my child owes Media Center fines?
You can call the Media Center at 763-504-8512.

How do I know if my student has school fines?
You can call the Activities office at 763-504-8533 or the bookkeeper at 763-504-8507.

This is our first year at Cooper High School. Are there any restrictions for playing sports?
Maybe. Please call the activities office for information. You will need to fill out Transfer paperwork and your student will need to be cleared from the previous school's Athletic Director.

If your student attended any other school for 9th - 12th grade, there may be restrictions.

If your student is a 9th grader and started at Cooper on the first day of school, there should not be any restrictions.

What if I can't get my child in for a physical before the first date of practice?
Students MUST have a current physical on file in order to practice. They will be able to watch practice, but not participate.

Where can I get a last minute physical?
You may use your own doctor or clinic for a physical, or these are some other options that may be available to you. Call to confirm fee information and hours. Please bring a MSHSL Sports Qualifying Physical Examination Clearance form with you when you visit.
  • Minute Clinic at CVS Pharmacy and some Target locations - will do walk-in sports physicals for about $69 **
  • Apex Chiropractic, New Hope - 763.533.0654 - Same day appointments for about $20 **
  • Some Urgent Care/Express clinics may do sports physicals.
** Prices may change, call to confirm.
Cooper High School does not endorse any of these Sports Physical options. It is the decision of the parent as to where they bring their student for a physical.

Can I get a free physical?
Cooper High School will do a free physical clinic once a year, typically in the spring. There are several other places that have clinics over the summer. Call the Activities office for more information.

Will my child's regular physical qualify as a sports physical?
Maybe, as long as the papers say that the student may "participate in all school interscholastic activities without restriction" or "Cleared for sports without restriction" and are signed and dated by a physician.