Sportsmanship from A to Z

Accept and abide by the decisions of the contest officials.
Be a good host to opponents and treat them as guests.
Cooperate with the coach, players and cheerleaders in trying to promote good sportsmanship.
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
Encourage your players to play hard and fair.
Follow the rules of the contest at all times.
Good sportsmanship is the "Golden Rule" in action.
Hold assemblies before a contest to encourage students to display proper conduct.
Intervene to let others know that ethnic, disability or sexist jokes, racial or religious slurs, taunting, trash talk and intimidating behavior will not be tolerated at events sponsored at your school.
Judgment calls on the part of the officials are not subject to question or discussion.
Know, understand and appreciate the rules of the contest.
Lose without excuses; win without boasting.
Model language and behavior that is non-biased and is inclusive of individuals regardless of ethnicity, race, religion, sex or disability.
Never criticize players or coaches for the loss of a game.
Opposing coaches, participants, cheerleaders and fans must be respected at all times.
Provide opportunities for informing student and adult spectators of their responsibility to uphold the standards of sportsmanship.
Questioning an official's call or making negative comments about an official is unacceptable behavior.
Recognize and show appreciation for an outstanding play.
Shake hands with opponents prior to the contest and wish them good luck.
Teach sportsmanship and demand that your players be good sports.
Use cheerleaders, pep groups, and other student leaders to help develop a sportsmanship program.
Victory celebrations and unscheduled game rallies should not be permitted at events sponsored at your school.
Work cooperatively with officials and other contest personnel for an efficient contest.
eXercise self-control and be a good example for players and spectators.
Yelling, booing or heckling an official's decision is unacceptable behavior.
Zero in on sportsmanship - it's priority NUMBER ONE.

Contact: John Oelfke - Athletic Director