The philosophy of Robbinsdale Area Schools’ athletic programs is to provide an opportunity for students to develop and use athletic skills in a structured environment which provides meaningful competition, enhances physical and mental well-being and teaches positive values.


• To develop a high level of physical fitness and skills.
• To provide opportunities to observe and participate in a wide variety of individual and team sports.
• To provide equal athletic opportunities for all students.
• To develop school and community pride and loyalty.
• To foster development and practice of an appreciation for sportsmanship and to be gracious and humble in both victory and defeat.
• To provide opportunities to develop leadership, initiative, self-discipline, team loyalty and character development leading to self-actualization.
• To develop the ability to manage one’s time in a number of activities.
• To develop self-confidence within the individual participants.


Interscholastic athletics is a definite part of the overall school program. Students who choose to try out and are selected to represent the school assume an obligation not only for themselves, but also for those whom they represent. The athletic award represents not only participation by the individual in a specified amount of interscholastic play, but also the good citizenship which can be expected of a selected representative student. The athletic program provides certain opportunities and emphasizes definite goals:

• Athletes are taught to accept decisions and responsibilities. Then, and only then, will they become citizens.
• Athletic competition is a great equalizer; individuals are judged for what they are, not their creed or color, nor their economic or social status.
• The intense emotional situation in competitive sports is a maturing factor. Athletes have an opportunity to learn their strengths and weaknesses.
• Athletics provide for rapid physical development and give participants satisfaction in accomplishment that few other activities can match.
• The desire to win is emphasized because it encourages athletes to try to do their very best.
• Discipline and work habits are included in preparing athletes for competition.

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