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Pitching Workout Week Three

date 05/18/2020 author Sarah Vandenberg category conditioning comment Leave a comment

Pitching Workout 3: Curve

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Spinning tools:

Dark tape

Double ball


Big ball


All of these drills work on body position and spin which are critical to throwing your curve ball. These can all be done without throwing full pitches and with the tools above or with a regular ball. Do 10-50 reps of each drill 

  1. Curve ball grips- Two seam and four seam
  2. Curve ball elbow waves- With a bent elbow slider your hand back and forth as if gliding the back of your arm over a table. To successfully throw a curve ball your elbow needs to be in front of your body
  3. Slow-mo curve ball body positioning- Stride on or a little to the left of the power line (this creates room for your whip), keep your front shoulder in do not open up as you finish your pitch, weight on your front side (if back then you are in rise ball position)
  4. Straight leg seated spins- with a spinning tool sitting tall legs out straight go back a little then come forward with a bent elbow across your legs. Do not lean back and get as close to the top of your legs as you can
  5. Kneeling k with a spinning tool both knees down to keep your Front shoulder In
  6. Standing k- With a spinning tool, stand with weight on your front side, tap your back toe for balance. Remember keeping front shoulder in, stay tall and keep your arm flat as you whip
  7. Same position as above standing k but full arm circle with a spinner

Repeat 3 Times
50 Jumping Jacks
20 Squats
20 Squat Jumps
20 Alt Lunges (each leg)
15 Burpees
25 Push Ups
30 Mountain Climbers
50 Crunches
60 second Plank Hold

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